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At District 1199C Legal Services Plan, we help our members to achieve high rates of success by offering premium legal services as a benefit through our highly select group of provider associates. We never stop working to continuously strengthen those relationships.


A message from the Board of Trustees

of the District 1199C Legal Services Trust

to the Employees covered by the Trust


The District 1199C Legal Services Trust has been established jointly by District 1199C and the various employers in the health service industry in response to the need for such services for the employees represented by the Union.

In order to respond to that need the trustees have developed a plan of benefits and services which are fully described in the District 1199C Legal Services Plan documents.

To assist you in understanding how the plan works, we are pleased to present this website outlining the plan’s provisions.

We urge you to familiarize yourself with this information so that you will know how to proceed if you or one of your dependents ever requires any of the legal services available to you.


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